It’s delicious with the original barbecue sauce


1 large chicken breast
Half an onion
2 purple eggplant
6 two cowpeas
2 two carrots
40 ml oil
20ml original barbecue sauce
A little white pepper


Step 1
Cut half yellow onion into shreds

Step 2
Wash, dry and cut into inch strips

Step 3
Wash, control water and cut into inch sections

Step 4
Wash, control water and cut into diamond pieces

Step 5
Wash and cut into pieces

Step 6
Cut the film a little thicker

Step 7
Simmer the meat slices with oil and white pepper for about 15 minutes

Step 8
After the oil is hot, add shredded onion, give out the flavor, and put eggplant strips

Step 9
The eggplant strip is purple eggplant. Wash and dry it, cut it into inch strips, and then heat it in the microwave for 8 minutes to make it soft but not rotten. The eggplant made in this way saves oil and tastes healthy.

Step 10
Before putting cowpeas into the pot, wash and control the water, cut them into inch sections, blanch them in a boiling water pot, dry them and put them into the pot.

Step 11
In order to look better, add a few slices of carrots. After the carrot slices are soft, remove the Chinese pot, and pour the simmered chicken into it.

Step 12
Fire stir fry more, the most critical step after the meat is cooked - here it is.

Step 13
Pour the original barbecue sauce on it. It tastes great.