Salmon is rich in nutrition, but it is not recommended to eat raw, boiled or fried for children. It has a special taste, which some people don’t like. It is made into meatballs. It tastes smooth and tender, and it doesn’t taste very good. Every time I serve, it sells well.


400g pork (fat and lean)
200g salmon
More than ten fresh mushrooms
Proper amount of ginger
Proper cooking wine
Appropriate amount of chives
An egg
Proper raw extract
Moderate old smoke
Proper oyster sauce
Proper amount of salt
Proper sesame oil
Proper amount of corn starch


Step 1
Part of the material, meat, I let the meat seller beat it into minced meat.

Step 2
Peel the salmon fillet and chop it into mud (some stores can't handle it well, and remove the middle bone, of course).

Step 3
Remove the handle of Lentinus edodes and try to choose a flat umbrella cap. Remove the hard part of the handle and keep the others.

Step 4
Ginger, onion, mushroom handle, all cut into foam.

Step 5
Mix the two kinds of meat, add freshly cut foam, add an egg, starch, soy sauce, salt, oyster sauce, sesame oil and cooking wine, mix well and work hard.

Step 6
Put the mushroom umbrella cap upside down (the flat one is selected for easy placement), squeeze the balls and put them on. I made 19 of this quantity. It also depends on the size of mushrooms.

Step 7
I steamed it on a plate that can hold the soup. The time is 15 minutes. I'll take care of it myself. Look at the picture. This soup is useful.

Step 8
Steam out the soup, add some oyster sauce and soy sauce, thicken it.

Step 9
Set the plate, pour the boiled juice and serve it.