A sweet dish with shredded apple! Jieni Kaiwei sour and sweet delicious, deeply loved by everyone!!


Three apples
2 eggs
100g white sponge sugar
Proper amount of starch
500g edible oil


Step 1
Prepare three apples, nearly 500g eggs and proper amount of starch

Step 2
Pour the right amount of starch into the flavoring bucket, beat in two egg white and mix well. Note: if it's dry, add another egg white and starch until it's silky

Step 3
Cut the apple into pieces of the same size, put them into the starch paste, and coat them with starch paste. Heat the oil pan and fry the apple pieces until golden

Step 4
Take out the fried apple to control the oil, pour out the oil, leave a little bottom oil, add 100g sugar and 50g water to boil until the big bubble. When the big bubble changes into small bubble and the color is yellowish, stir fry the Apple quickly until it is covered with syrup, and then put it out of the pot and put it on the plate.