This is for fun. I think it’s a lot of fun. In fact, it’s very easy to do the wire drawing, as long as the time comes, pour the apple in, it’s very easy to pull the wire. Raw materials: 200g apple, 30g corn starch, 30g water, 20g dry starch.


200g apple
30g corn starch
20G starch


Step 1
Cut the apple into pieces about the same size

Step 2
Starch on it

Step 3
Then put in the mixture of 30g corn starch and 30g water

Step 4
Deep fry in oil. Take it out after frying

Step 5
Now pay attention to boiling sugar. Pour the oil, sugar and water into the pan

Step 6
It turns into a liquid

Step 7
Surface blistering

Step 8
I'll take it out later

Step 9
Then it starts to change color

Step 10
A liquid that turns pale yellow

Step 11
Pour in the apple and turn off the fire. Stir. Because the pot is warm. If you don't turn off the fire in time, it's easy to make syrup bitter

Step 12
Put oil on the plate and pour in the apple pieces. When eating, dip in some cold boiled water