Cantonese love to cook soup. There are many kinds of soup recipes for health preservation. They use different ingredients in different seasons and different people’s constitutions to cook a pot of soup for their families. Stewed pork tendon with apple and pear is classic and simple. It tastes sweet and sour. It can nourish the stomach and produce fluid. The soup is clear and not greasy. It is suitable for every family.


1 apple
2 Sydney
300g pig tendon
2 jujubes
1600 ml water
Half a carrot


Step 1
Prepare the material, cut the tendon into large pieces and blanch.

Step 2
Wash the apple and pear, remove the core and cut into pieces (no need to peel).

Step 3
Put all the ingredients into the health pot, select the health soup key, the time display is 60 minutes, and press the function "start" key.