Appetizer spicy pickled cabbage, the next meal among vegetarian dishes, has a long history and does not increase the price. Affordable and delicious, the most important kitchen Xiaobai can also do it.


300g laotan pickled cabbage
150g onion
2 green peppers
6 ml oil
2 g salt


Step 1
Prepare ingredients: laotan pickled vegetables, onions, green peppers, etc;

Step 2
Wash the green pepper, remove the seeds and cut into pieces, wash and cut the onion;

Step 3
In a hot pot, fry laotan pickled cabbage without oil, remove the sour water and start the pot;

Step 4
Wash the pot, heat the pot, pour oil, add onion and green pepper and stir fry;

Step 5
Add sauteed sauerkraut in the old jar and stir fry;

Step 6
Stir fry with salt