Chaoshan area famous snacks, young and old people like


300g taro
150 grams of sugar
50g water
Proper amount of oil


Step 1
Peel taro, wash and cut into strips

Step 2
Pot into the amount of oil, medium heat, into the taro, deep fry until golden

Step 3
Check whether the taro sticks are cooked: if you can easily insert them with chopsticks or toothpicks, it will prove that they are cooked. Pick them up for standby and turn off the fire

Step 4
Leave a little oil in the pot, pour in the white granulated sugar, there is no white granulated sugar at home, I use sucrose instead, then add water, bring to a boil over high fire, and keep stirring

Step 5
Turn off the heat and pour in the fried taro

Step 6
Move the pan to a cool place and keep stirring until the sugar water condenses

Step 7
Loading is completed.