Some time ago, it was quite popular to have ancient early taste cake, so I tried it back. It was delicious, soft and delicate, and as light as clouds. Why is it called guchaowei cake? It is said that guchaowei is a word used by Minnan people to describe the old taste, which can also be understood as “the taste of nostalgia”. I think this word is probably passed down from Taiwan. In recent years, many online Red foods are popular in Taiwan, such as milk tea, pineapple crisp, snowflake crisp and so on. They are delicious.


95g low gluten flour
Six eggs
65 grams of milk
70 corn oil
70g sugar powder (fine granulated sugar)
3 drops of lemon juice (optional)


Step 1
Get ready first. Cut four small pieces of cardboard, the same size as the four sides of the mold, around the mold inside. Lay oil paper inside the mold.

Step 2
Separate the egg yolk from the protein and set aside. The basin must be free of oil and water. Preheat the oven 140 degrees in advance.

Step 3
Heat corn oil in microwave oven for 1 minute, or heat it in a small milk pan over low heat until there is obvious oil thread.

Step 4
Pour the heated corn oil into the egg beater and sift in the flour.

Step 5
Use a scraper to stir until the flour has no particles, and the batter is flowing.

Step 6
Pour in the milk and continue to stir.

Step 7
The batter is a bit like bean curd.

Step 8
Add egg yolk, draw a zigzag shape, mix well, do not stir in circles

Step 9
The egg yolk paste is smooth and glossy.

Step 10
Add 1 / 3 of the sugar into the egg white, and the electric egg beater will beat it into the state of the fish's eye bubble at high speed.

Step 11
Then add 1 / 3 of the sugar. Then beat at medium speed until there are obvious lines, then add 1 / 3 sugar. Finally, the hook can be pulled out at a low speed with wet foaming.

Step 12
Add one third of the cream to the yolk paste.

Step 13
Mix evenly with the method of J-shaped cutting and mixing.

Step 14
Then pour in the remaining protein cream and mix well. The technique must be light, not defoaming.

Step 15
This is the batter

Step 16
Pour the stirred batter into the mold slowly from 20cm, shake it gently twice to eliminate the big bubbles in the batter. Scrape the surface flat with a scraper.

Step 17
Take a larger baking tray, pour cold water into it and put it on the bottom of the oven. Then put the mold on the water of the baking tray. Oven 140 degrees, 70 minutes.

Step 18
Bake to 50 minutes later often look at, if enough color, cover the tin foil, prevent the surface paste off. After baking, take out the cake. Remove the paper shell, lift the oil paper by hand, put the cake on the baking net, tear the oil paper on the side to cool. When the cake is cold, tear the oil paper under it and cut it into pieces with a knife. You can eat it.