Eating more amaranth at ordinary times can supplement calcium and iron and promote growth and development, which is particularly good for children and the elderly. Amaranth can clear away damp heat, clear liver and detoxify, especially suitable for summer. In Japan, this amaranth can be known as “longevity dish”. Our country has a particularly high output, but few people eat it. It’s not too late to know now.


A little amaranth
A little garlic slices
A little chopped green onion
A little salt
A little peanut oil


Step 1
Wild amaranth picking home, as long as tender and sharp, fully cleaned

Step 2
Change the scallions and garlic into knives and set aside

Step 3
Put peanut oil into the pot, add onion, garlic, ginger and dry red pepper, stir fry to make it fragrant

Step 4
Pour in amaranth and stir fry evenly, then stir fry over medium heat for a while

Step 5
When cooked, add a little salt to taste, turn off the fire, take out the pot and put it on a plate