The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. What else can you eat besides zongzi? Different places have different customs. For example, there is a custom of eating “five yellow” in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Five yellow refers to cucumber, eel, yellow croaker, duck egg yolk of Gaoyou and realgar wine; There is a custom of eating tofu in Northern Zhejiang; Nanjing has the custom of eating “five red”, which means “five red” “Roast duck, amaranth, duck eggs in red oil, lobster and realgar wine. It is said that eating these five Reds on the Dragon Boat Festival can avoid summer heat and ward off evil spirits, and life can be red and red, happy and healthy. Today, I will share with you the very traditional practice of amaranth, which belongs to the Guangdong cuisine series. Just pay attention to four points. There is no need for high soup, and the soup can also be salty, fragrant, milky and attractive. Let’s see below Look at the specific description!


1 handful of amaranth
1 preserved egg
1 salted duck egg
2 cloves garlic
Two millet peppers


Step 1
Prepare the required materials, clean the amaranth and cut it into small sections, chop garlic and millet, peel the eggshell of preserved eggs and salted duck eggs, and then chop the preserved eggs for standby;

Step 2
Start the pot, pour in an appropriate amount of water, transfer in a few drops of edible oil and half a spoonful of salt; Adding a few drops of oil can make amaranth more color, and adding an appropriate amount of salt is also to make amaranth have a bottom taste;

Step 3
After boiling, first put amaranth root, half a minute later put amaranth leaves, until they boil red, and then boil again;

Step 4
Then take out the drained water and put it into a tray with a slight depth for standby;

Step 5
Start the pot again, pour in a little edible oil, heat the oil, pour in minced garlic and crushed pepper, stir fry to get the flavor; If you can't eat spicy or don't like spicy, you can ignore chili;

Step 6
Then pour in the salted duck eggs and preserved eggs, crush the salted duck eggs with a spatula and stir fry them together until the preserved egg skin is slightly burnt and a little golden, and a large number of bubbles emerge from the pot;

Step 7
Pour 1 bowl of boiling water and add a little edible salt. Because the salted egg yolk has a salty taste, only a little edible salt is needed;

Step 8
Wait until the soup is thick, turn off the fire, and then pour the soup directly on the amaranth;