Xiaokou jujube is also called “always smiling”. Because the flour burst during high-temperature frying, it looks like a person laughing. It symbolizes the happiness of the whole family and expresses their good wishes for the future life. Xiaokou jujube is an indispensable new year snack in Guangdong. It is sold in every street. Every family is lucky and happy.


200g low gluten flour
70g white granulated sugar
30g white sesame
800 ml peanut oil
2 g yeast
1 g baking soda
1g baking powder


Step 1
Ingredients: low gluten powder, white sesame, white granulated sugar;

Step 2
Pour 100ml of drinking water into the pot, add 70g of white granulated sugar, cook until mixed, and let cool;

Step 3
When the sugar water is cool, sift the low gluten powder, yeast, baking soda and baking powder;

Step 4
Pour the cooled sugar water into the sifted flour and mix well;

Step 5
Knead into a ball, cover and let stand for 20 minutes;

Step 6
Knead the dough with folding kneading method, and make long strips, evenly divide into small groups PS: don't knead the dough back and forth, avoid kneading tendons.

Step 7
Wrap the sesame and rub it again to make it hard to drop; PS: the sesame seeds can be easily wrapped with proper amount of water,

Step 8
Wrap sesame Xiaokou jujube and let it rest for 10 minutes;

Step 9
Heat the pot until it's warm. Pour in the right amount of oil. The oil temperature reaches about 140 degrees. Put in the Xiaokou jujube embryo.

Step 10
Deep fry to the opening, light yellow can be fished out, with oil absorption paper to absorb excess oil. PS: the fire should not be too big, too big, the mouth does not open.