No matter how high the oil and sugar content of this dish is, it can’t help doing it several times every season when sweet potatoes are on the market. Although the whole dish has only three materials: sugar, oil and sweet potato. But it is not so easy to pull out the beautiful silk successfully. The control of fried sweet potato, sugar selection, sugar frying, heat and time are thunder points everywhere, all testing the cook’s Kung Fu.


500g sweet potato
100g white granulated sugar
Appropriate amount of edible oil


Step 1
Peel the sweet potato, wash and cut into pieces

Step 2
Put salad oil into the pot. When the oil temperature is heated to 70%, that is, when there is obvious heat on the oil by hand, fry the sweet potato until it is light yellow, and then remove it for standby

Step 3
In a pot without water or oil, add white granulated sugar and stir fry slowly over low heat

Step 4
To yellow syrup

Step 5
Put the fried sweet potato into the, stir fry and wrap it in sugar, then put it out and put it on a plate