It’s hot enough during Qingming Festival, and pedestrians on the road feel dizzy.


A handful of wormwood
100g glutinous rice flour
100g yellow sugar
0.5g baking soda
50g peanut (fresh)
50g white sesame
25g coconut silk
50g granulated sugar
50g milk powder
50g butter


Step 1
Crush peanuts and white sesame in tea bag, then heat them in oven (150 ℃ for 8 minutes), take them out after a little cold, turn them with a scraper, and heat them again (150 ℃ for 8 minutes). The rich aroma has come out~~

Step 2
After cooling, add coconut shreds, sugar and milk powder, and turn them evenly with a scraper.

Step 3
Select the tender leaves (about 50g in weight) from the wormwood, blanch them in water with brown sugar and baking soda for about 1 minute, remove and cool them, and chop them up for later use.

Step 4
Mix the chopped tender leaves with glutinous rice flour, add proper amount of water and knead them into dough (add a spoonful of yellow sugar water to make the color better)

Step 5
Melt the butter in water, add it to the stuffing made in step 2, mix well and cool to a lump. Knead the glutinous rice ball into small pieces, press flat, add appropriate amount of stuffing, wrap well and rub round.

Step 6
Put the glutinous rice glutinous rice paste on the oil absorption paper (believe me, the orthodox position of banana leaf really can't be shaken, but I can't buy the TAT of banana leaf), steam it for 20 minutes and it will come out of the oven.