For boiled fish, you should have the impression that it’s all red and fiery. My dish has become a little fresh, but don’t be confused by the appearance. It’s spicy, even spicy. It depends on how you grasp it.


200g fish
Qinghong Chaotian pepper 50g Chaotian pepper
2 slices of ginger
3 g salt
1 g Sugar
5g water starch


Step 1
I use black fish fillets here. In fact, I can choose a wide range of fish. Of course, mandarin fish is better.

Step 2
I didn't add egg white to fish fillets, because the smoothness is enough. If it's suitable for eating hot pepper, I can put more.

Step 3
Pepper can also be put according to their own taste, the flavor of the soup try to cook some rich, I put less water here, you can also put more.

Step 4
Blanching fish fillets is as hot as boiling fish.

Step 5
I also think about children's problems here. I put less chili peppers. If I put more chili peppers, it will be more spicy.