Matcha is good at matching with other desserts,


3 eggs (Matcha cake)
30g milk (Matcha cake)
30g corn oil (Matcha cake)
30g low gluten flour (Matcha cake)
5g Matcha powder (Matcha cake)
1 egg yolk (egg yolk paste)
125 grams mascapone (mascapone paste)
5 g gilding (mascarpone paste)
125g light cream (mascarpone paste)
1 daogrs G5
20G fine granulated sugar (egg yolk paste)
25g fine granulated sugar (sugar water)
25g water (sugar water)


Step 1
Cake body: pour water, oil and fine granulated sugar into a basin and mix evenly with a manual egg beater.

Step 2
Pour in the egg yolk and continue to mix with the manual beater.

Step 3
Sift in the low gluten flour and Matcha powder and mix well with a manual egg beater.

Step 4
Put the egg white in a large bowl and start beating the egg white with an electric beater.

Step 5
Beat until thick bubbles appear and add sugar for the first time.

Step 6
Continue to beat the egg white, add the remaining sugar twice, and beat until the egg white paste is in a small sharp angle.

Step 7
Add the egg white paste into the egg yolk paste three times and stir.

Step 8
Stir until the egg white paste and egg yolk paste are completely mixed.

Step 9
Pour the cake paste into a baking pan covered with oil paper.

Step 10
Place the baking pan with cake paste in the middle of the preheated oven.

Step 11
Select up and down fire mode, set 170 ℃, bake for 20 minutes.

Step 12
After baking, take out the cake and let it cool.

Step 13
Mousse part: gelatine is soaked in ice water in advance, and sugar and water are weighed in a small pot.

Step 14
Whisk the egg yolk until the volume increases and the color becomes lighter.

Step 15
Boil the sugar water, add it into the egg yolk in several times, pour the sugar water and open it with an electric egg beater to beat the egg yolk at high speed.

Step 16
Add all the sugar water until the egg yolk paste becomes thick and the volume increases. Soak the gelatine in ice water, drain the water, put it into the egg yolk paste and let it melt.

Step 17
Take mascapone softened at room temperature and stir with a scraper to a smooth and particle free state.

Step 18
Add the egg yolk paste into mascarpone in several times and mix well with an electric egg beater.

Step 19
Beat the light cream to 6 minutes, thick but still dripping.

Step 20
Put the light cream into the cheese paste in several times and stir well.

Step 21
Slice the cool Matcha cake.

Step 22
Place the cake slices on the bottom of the container.

Step 23
Pour in some cheese paste.

Step 24
Put another layer of cake.

Step 25
Finally, pour in the cheese paste, basically fill it up, and then refrigerate in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours.

Step 26
Take it out after cold storage and sprinkle Matcha powder evenly.

Step 27
Finished product display.