Zucchini can be cooked many ways, here we'll see fried zucchini in eggs, flour and cheese etc.
-8 Fresh green zucchini
-Two raw eggs, three tablespoon grained cheese, three teaspoonful olive oil, salt, and three tablespoon flour
We wash zucchini and cut them in small not very thick rounded pieces
-In a deep plate we break two raw eggs, then add olive oil as above, some salt, grained yellow or white cheese, and flour as above
-We mix all this, till all ingredients are absorbed
-In the meanwhile, we've put a pan with some olive oil on hot stove, round 170 degrees, or 150 degrees for more slow heat
-We sink each piece into the mix, till it's totally covered from it
-We repeat this for all pieces, then as soon as stove is hot and olive oil has 'burnt' being at predefined heat, we put all pieces in the frying pan like this, till they are all fried.
-As soon as everything is erady we turn off stove
-Then we put them in a deep plate, with paper towel, so that excessive olive oil is absorbed,
Food is ready, and we serve with cold beer, in summer


8 pieces Zucchini
2 eggs
3 tablespoons grained cheese