Every family has a table


300g spinach heart
150g cucumber
150g Flammulina velutipes
50g fans
80g carrots
50g fungus
2 large egg skins
30g oyster sauce
40g delicious
40g balsamic vinegar
20G mustard
3 g salt
16g sesame oil


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients, clean the spinach and Flammulina velutipes, and remove the roots.

Step 2
Peel and shred cucumber.

Step 3
Shred carrots.

Step 4
Cook Flammulina velutipes in boiling water. Drain and put into a basin.

Step 5
Boil vermicelli in boiling water, drain and put them in a basin.

Step 6
Blanch carrots in water, drain and set aside.

Step 7
Blanch agaric with water and drain. Remove and set aside.

Step 8
Blanch spinach in water, drain and set aside in a basin.

Step 9
Shred the cooked agaric board.

Step 10
Mustard tastes very fresh, and vinegar is mixed into juice.

Step 11
Put all the boiled water vegetables into a clean basin, add the juice, add oyster sauce and salt, and mix well.

Step 12
Add shredded eggs, add sesame oil and mix well. A fresh and refreshing appetizer is ready.