It seems that in the past few years, we have developed a habit of going to Chinese style teahouses in Hong Kong to eat snacks every new year’s day. The happiest process is that many teahouses will change their usual snacks into very auspicious names to place orders. Some restaurants will be very considerate at home, fat house run, windfall on hand, round and round, etc. These auspicious words are followed by a bracket to tell you what kind of dim sum it is. In some restaurants, you have to ask the waiters by yourself. Of course, these must be true Cantonese. The fun my family finds in it is that each person has his own favorite auspicious words, guesses what it may be, and then cradles his neck to wait for what he sees. It’s estimated that it’s a game that those of us from other parts of the country enjoy, ha ha. The house full of gold and silver is one of the things I’ve been through. I’m in a very good mood on the first day of the lunar new year!


100g glutinous rice flour
25g sugar
A little white sesame
60g warm water
120g sweet potato / taro filling


Step 1
Glutinous rice flour mixed with sugar

Step 2
Gradually add warm water

Step 3
Part of the dough is separated and boiled in boiling water

Step 4
Add the hot dough back to the dough and knead. The dough is soft after kneading. Cover with plastic wrap and wake up for 10-15 minutes.

Step 5
Divide into 8 small dough

Step 6
The sweet potato / taro / red bean stuffing is kneaded into small balls, about 2 / 3 of 5 dough size

Step 7
Press the small dough into a circle, and then directly knead it into dough by hand. Wrap the filling in.

Step 8
Dip a small amount of water on the surface of the dough, put it in the white sesame and roll it in a circle.

Step 9
Heat the oil and put the dough into the pot at low temperature. At this time, the hemp ball will sink

Step 10
When the dough starts to float, use a spoon to press it down several times so that the dough will start to expand

Step 11
If the dough floats completely and the surface is golden yellow, it can be fished out to drain oil

Step 12
The fried one is much bigger than the raw one