From the early summer to the summer solstice, the children finally hope that it will be hot and they can swim happily and eat ice cream; As a snack, it’s the happiest thing to have a bowl of refreshing desserts in summer. Cantonese like to use green papaya to make soup and stew desserts. Papaya has always been an excellent beauty product for girls. With “plant bird’s nest” Xueyan, it not only tastes delicious, but also has a good skin color.


1 / 4 green papaya
3G Xueyan
15g old rock sugar
150 ml filtered water


Step 1
Choose green skin red heart papaya, dry snow swallow soak for more than 12 hours

Step 2
Cut the papaya in half, or cut a small half at the top (so that there is more room in the middle for more petrels). Dig out the black seeds in the middle, add the petrels, old rock sugar and filtered water, and steam directly on the steaming rack for 30 minutes

Step 3
Papaya and Xueyan are fully integrated. Compared with the first method, it tastes a little different. Papaya pulp is more soft and its color is excellent