I always feel that fish flavored shredded meat is very difficult. I dare not try it all the time. They all say it is a dish that tests the comprehensive ability of the chef. I’m curious. Try it


300g chicken breast
150g black fungus
1 teaspoon chopped pepper
Proper amount of water starch
Proper amount of edible oil
Half spoon Pixian Douban
Half scallion
Five garlic
1 piece of ginger
1 teaspoon is delicious
1 teaspoon vinegar
Half a spoonful of salt
Half a spoonful of sugar


Step 1
Simple version, without bamboo shoots. The procedure omits a lot of cut food materials, marinate the meat with salt, pepper and egg white, and mix vinegar, delicious, sugar and salt into sauce for standby

Step 2
Grab the chicken with starch, start the pot, heat it 50% over high fire, stir fry it, take it up and set it aside

Step 3
Start the pot again, pour in Pixian Douban and chopped pepper.

Step 4
Add Auricularia auricula and continue to stir fry. Pour in the juice. Stir fry a few times over high heat and thicken.

Step 5