nutritive value:


50g Bacon
150g crab mushroom
150g mushroom
1 / 2 carrot
A little Pixian bean paste
Proper raw extract


Step 1
Preparation of ingredients: 150g crab mushroom, 150g Xiuzhen mushroom, 50g bacon, 1 / 2 carrot;

Step 2
Wash, peel and shred carrots, dice bacon;

Step 3
Pour a little oil into the pot, put in the cleaned crab mushroom and Xiuzhen mushroom, and stir fry the water halfway;

Step 4
After filtering out the water, continue to dry stir for 2 minutes and take it out for standby;

Step 5
Heat oil in another pot and explode shallots and ginger;

Step 6
Pour in the cut bacon, add a little Pixian bean paste and stir fry; (if you are not pregnant, you can add more Pixian bean paste, which will have a stronger flavor;

Step 7
Pour in shredded carrots and drop a little raw soy sauce. Continue to stir fry;

Step 8
Pour in the fried mushrooms, add a little salt, stir fry evenly, and then come out of the pot;

Step 9
A dry pot fried bacon with double mushrooms is ready.

Step 10
Fried bacon with mushrooms in a fresh and fragrant dry pot